Celtic Tales - the new album from Celtic Mirror!


Look into the Celtic Mirror and experience celtic music,

multifaceted and uplifting.


Meet Kings,Princesses,Irish miners,

Vikings and hear their stories!

Be enchanted from Light,Energy and power -

brought into here and now - from the times of myths and legends-

and yet true stories!









Battlefield of Love

A story how it could not be more tragic.
A love that will not be tolerated.
But love is not separable.
Fought was for love-at all times.
Myths and legends have grown up around her.

12th century - Scotland:
Highlandknight and a Highland princess.
A love that should not be -
a love which paves it`s way, inexorably-
contrary to all rules and prohibitions.
He is not worthy of her stand and she is already a lord 

But hearts find each other ..
Their love does not remain undetected and the King
sends the unwanted suitor in the fight-
on the front line,so the knight should prove his fealty..   

Will go up this plan?
Who will live, who will fall?

The story about the power of love, the story written at all times, we will tell you on the new album Celtic Mirror.
Follow us on an exciting journey through our Celtic history,
from the past to the new era, where the love now
it`s immortal power reveals and shows us that there are no limits ..