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Celtic Mirror - Celtic Tales Track 13 / mp3 download

born into this world                     walking right through light and darkness

welcome to life                            trying left and trying right

feels so warm and safe               seeking for the hidden path

surrounded by all angels             sometimes we get lost along the way

and covered by a ray of light       gone so far and two steps back

first steps on the ground             no direction,target reached

falling and stand up again          leave this place with no regrets

welcome changes,                        and born into this world -

taking chances and                     again

time is running fast..


 brick by brick we stand                 It`s right here - right now!

 here in no man`s land                   and I`m still here - right now!




Sascha Herrendörfer - On my way mp3

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Melody of Light - 5th Element is Love

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the upper player leads to the german spoken guided meditation!

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german spoken guided meditation:


Albumcover: Ingrid Konietzny -


 Tranquil Progressive Trance

Dragon Meditation

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Co-Producer: Robert Stein